Wheels Car Rental Software

Multilingual & Tax Conformant

Wheels Car Rental operates in more than 12 countries and has been customized to meet legal requirements and reporting as set by the respective tax authority. As part of our commitment to you, our software assurance policy guarantees that any current or future legal requirements imposed by your country will be implemented.

Complete ERP System

Wheels Car Rental is a complete front office and back office solution designed for car rental, franchise management and long term rental companies. Using our system you will be able to manage, book, invoice and perform all functions all from one place.

In addition, we have currently linked to over 30 accounting systems such as SAP, Microsoft Navision and others to post your transactions.

Powerful Reporting

Wheels Car Rental reports can be customized with the addition of filters, columns in order to meet your needs. Customized reports can be saved and reused at any time. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel™, PDF or e-mailed.

Turnkey XML Interface

Using our standard XML interface, your partners can send new reservations, cancel reservations, poll for reservation status, request instant prices with rates & availability including insurance and counter products such as Navigation or Baby seats. Reservations can be confirmed automatically or reviewed by your staff.

Fleet maintenance

Wheels Car Rental Fleet Maintenance includes all the tools to effectively monitor your inventory’s state. Sundry expenses, regular maintenance, repairs, inspections and garage inventory are blended together to give you accurate expense on a vehicle, model, group or station level.

Wheels Rental System

Sundry expenses

Sundry expenses are entered into the system and displayed on the vehicle information screen. The system maintains full history for all of the above sundry expenses:

  • Insurance
  • Road Assistance
  • MOT Taxes
  • Vehicle Parking Fees
  • Refueling & Petrol Fees
  • Vehicle Certificate
  • Other sundry expenses

Sundry expenses apply to your supplier balance sheet and can be paid at a later time. Using the sundry expense entry you have both expense data on your vehicles and supplier financials.

Regular Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance such as Oil, Filter, Brakes etc. are fully configurable and can be managed by the system.

Change of oil either alone or through a “service” entry is entered in the system and the appropriate supplier is credited.

The vehicle information screen includes full historical information on maintenance grouped on a repair (electric, body parts), and regular maintenance.

In other words, you can click and see everything that has happened to a vehicle throughout its lifetime in your company.

Garage & Inventory Management

Several car rental companies perform simple maintenance tasks such as oil or tire change at their premises.

In this scenario you can register item purchases in the system and use them when necessary.

The inventory module can show you your inventory at any time, including actual costs applied to your vehicle.

Rates & Agreements

Wheels Car Rental is used by master franchise countries and franchisors of Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Green motion, National / Alamo, and Thrifty in multiple countries. The system’s flexible design can meet any financial manager’s needs in setting the appropriate business policy for his company. From direct, web customers, travel agents, corporate accounts, repeaters and social media guests such as Facebook, Wheels Car Rental can help you create contracts, CDP, offers and discounts to increase your revenue.

Wheels Car Rental

Rates & Agreements Wheels Car Rental supports unlimited rate plans and rate codes. Rates can be managed through the system or imported by Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Agreements can be bound to car pickup or booking date, for one or more stations and payment methods (Pre-paid, full pre-paid, full credit, pay on arrival..).

Rates can be arranged seasonally including promotions, special offers and discount coupons.

Custom rates

Depending on security privileges, users can set custom rates without any calculation.

Ad-hoc or monthly billing

Travel agent invoices can be issued on an ad-hoc basic (car drop-off) or batch at the end of the month.

Either way you can setup invoices to be e-mailed automatically to your customers.

Centralized Rate Management

Using the XML interface, rates can be managed centrally by Wheels Car Rental and published to the appropriate customers.

Rate Control

Rental agreements can be compared against a pricelist that you define. Lower rate agreements will appear in red color. In addition, you can setup maximum discounts per user.


Wheels Car Rental Software

Availability can be managed on a station or area level.

Reservations can be automatically assigned to vehicles to increase utilization and save your people from unnecessary fleet movements.

Your station manager or operations team can assign reservations to vehicles using a drag & drop interface and have the complete picture right on their hands.

Dashboards and alerts always keep your team informed of availability problems with options to upgrade reservations, issue stop sells or switch

Fleet chart

Wheels Car Rental fleet chart can be manipulated by dragging and dropping reservations on vehicles, expanding / collapsing groups and more.

Fleet forecasts

Using the fleet forecast screen, you can enter anticipate fleet purchases or sales for any future date. Forecasts can be applied on the availability calendar and show you the actual and forecasted availability for any point in the future.

Stop sales / Free sales

Companies applying effectively the XML interface can post stop sales and free sales for any group / location or specific customer.