iWheels for iPad / iPhone

Enjoy Wheels Car Rental on your iPhone/iPad

Starting from release 2013, you can access your Wheels Car Rental system directly from your smart phone or tablet and access business information - even when you're on the go.

Access live information from your system based on your access permissions to the following:

  • Check-outs: Get an instant view of your check-outs. By default you get today's snapshot but you can also move to a specific date or further drill-down the fetched data.
  • Check-ins: Similarly to the check-outs but for your pending check-ins.
  • Active rentals: With this selection you get your active rentals with the option to move to another date as well and drill-down fetched records.
  • Pending: Similarly to active rentals, you get your pending ones.
  • Available vehicles: This view returns the fleet vehicles that are available for rental only for the current day (there is no option to check another date).

No more "i will call you when I get to the office"

Simple every day questions such as confirming a booking, reviewing tomorrow's deliveries and collections or finding a customer's balance can be answered directly from anywhere.

No expertise needed to run iWheels

Install iWheels on your smart phone, configure your account with the assistance of our staff and stay up to date completely free of charge.

  • Reservation: Find specific reservations filtered by commonly used criteria such as Reservation number, IRN, Confirmation number or Customer name.
  • Rental: Find specific rentals, active rental agreements or past agreements.
  • Customer: Find a customer by name, phone, or other.
  • Vehicle: Search your car rental fleet or request a vehicles list.

Note: iWheels is offered as a free service to all Wheels Car Rental customers with an active maintenance agreement.

Download iWheels

Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Requires a static IP or on your Wheels server.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Unlimited accounts

iWheels supports unlimited connections. Permissions are set per individual company by your system administrator.