Our team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in business, software applications, travel industry, networking equipment and services, Internet-based businesses, hardware peripherals, etc.

Our solutions are 'multidisciplinary,' requiring a solid grasp of software applications as well as a thorough understanding of the telecommunications infrastructure. The company environment is fast-moving and intense, buffered by the informal atmosphere found in many young, leading edge and fast-growing high technology firms.

We also have heaps of experience, having survived and thrived for years in a fiercely competitive environment. We embrace creativity, innovation, high quality, cooperation, teamwork and openness.

Our industry changes rapidly and we must always stay on the cutting edge. We thirst for knowledge and have a passion for honing our skills and improving ourselves. We are team players, and are looking for more nice people who enjoy working as part of a tight team.

We also value constructive feedback; it is a powerful tool to help make us and our products, better.

If you think in a similar way, you will feel right at home working with us. Take a look at our current openings and get in touch!

Office life

Invensys is located in the north region of Athens Metamorfosi. Our offices feature open space, glass walls, and are flooded with natural light.


Invensys offers private medical insurance 100% of the insurance premiums.

Your workspace

Every employee receives a big private desk and ergonomic chair. All employees enjoy powerful computers, big screens, headphones and camera.

Company meetings

The whole company gathers Thursdays at noon to review company progress and to share our work with talks and demos.

Current Openings

If you would like to join our team, feel free to send your resume along with a cover letter by fax or email: