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Simplify your car rental business

Sell Online, Book, Rent, Bill, Manage, and Report from a Single Platform
Car Rental Software

Why Choose Wheels Car Rental

Outstanding Customer Service

Our dedicated team of customer care professionals are extremely fast and responsive to attend to your questions or issues and offer solutions and suggestions when you need them. You can:

  • Call us in during business hours
  • Use our dedicated customer service portal
  • Attend regularly organized webcasts
  • Experience dedicated training sessions or on-site training
Car Hire System

Easy to Learn and User Friendly

You and your team will become comfortable with Wheels Car Rental within days; the intuitive user interface will make it easy for you to familiarize yourself and understand how everything fits in.

  • Tablet friendly design
  • Uniform user interface
  • Designed for speed at the counter
  • Wealth of integrations
Car Rental Software

Intuitive information at your fingertips

Wheels provides a wealth of reports, dashboards and automated notifications to keep you up to date.

  • Fully customizable reports
  • Schedule reports to be e-mailed to you when you want them
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications system
Car Hire System
Car Hire System

Powerful Rate Engine

Our rate engine offers rates in real-time to all major OTAs and Car Brokers with milli-second response times.

  • Standard rates
  • Promotions & upgrades
  • Rate plans
  • Yield managed rates
  • Stop-sells
  • Multi-currency rates

Tax compliant

Wheels Car Rental conforms to international fiscal standards and has been connected to various fiscalization systems like Italy, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and more.

Link to accounting

Eliminate errors and delays by linking Wheels to your accounting software; over 40 of the most popular accounting platforms supported out of the box, while we can implement what you currently use.

Credit card link

Wheels is certified with multiple credit card providers such as Stripe, WindCove, Moneris, USAePAY, Worldpay and more with full tokenization support.

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Highlight of all is professionalism and supreme Customer service we are getting from the Wheels team. Not only we have that impression, but the results are saying that there is nothing that can’t be done. We simply feel safe as Customers and that feeling is priceless.
Kosana Arsic
Europcar Serbia & Montenegro
Their software does more than they wrote on their brochure and you can read it there. My experience with them is very good and in my 29 years of experience I’ve worked a very rare with such people.
Vural Isel
Europcar Turkey
Wheels software has a huge difference from anything I have used so far. It has everything a car hire company is looking for. I would highly recommend the software but over and above the "after sales support". Astonishing!
Marios Karapateas
Enterprise Cyprus
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