XML interfaces

Wheels Car Rental comes with our optional XML interface. The XML interface is a standard specification designed in cooperation with the largest car brokers and travel agents worldwide and has been currently adopted by over 40 partners worldwide. What this means is that you can start getting reservations from the first day and save time and money.

XML Interface Specifications

Using our standard XML interface, your partners can send new reservations, requests, cancel reservations, poll for reservation status, request instant prices with rates & availability including insurance and counter products such as Navigation or Baby seats.

Reservations / requests can be confirmed automatically or reviewed by your staff.

Car broker / Agent / and GDS support

Wheels Car Rental has already been integrated and supported with the following providers (Alphabetically).

  • Autounion
  • Auto Europe
  • Avance
  • Avis
  • Booking Group
  • BSP Auto
  • Budget
  • Car Del Mar
  • Car Trawler
  • Do you Spain?
  • Economy Car Rentals
  • Economy Car Hire
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar Greenway
  • Greenmotion
  • Holiday Autos
  • Micronnexus
  • Sunny Cars
  • Surprice Car Rentals
  • Travelport (GDS)
  • Travel Jigsaw
  • Travel Republic
  • TUI

If your team is developing a link to Wheels Car Rental for the first time, we can provide sandbox access to a test system and login credentials for the developers portal. During the development phase you will have access to our forum for xml link developers.

To begin your implementation, contact us for a developer account.

Open Travel Alliance

Wheels Car Rental is fully compliant with the Open Travel specification for Car Rental.

Open Travel Alliance