Franchise Management

Decrease the amount of time spend on booking management

Bookings can be transmitted electronically via XML Web services, FTP, E-mail, Fax or any combination. In addition, our Franchisee Self-Service Portal allows franchisees to review, re-transmit and manage their bookings without any additional effort required from your part.

Manage franchisee contracts, rates and availability

Bookings can be confirmed online, using allotment plans, or over free-sell / stop-sell / on-request process.

Increase your interactions with car brokers and GDS

Wheels Franchise Management API has been adopted by most major brokers worldwide. Brokers can request rates & availability online, send reservations, send extended customer information (fast check-out) or request reservation status online.

Centralize rate and policy management

Create, manage and monitor your rates, agreements and policies from one centralized place. Rates can be managed, imported or distributed using Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheets.

Support your website, corporate portal or mobile application

Whether your web presence is developed by Invensys staff or a third party agency, Wheels Franchise Management provides the tools to setup and maintain information such as documents, car rental terms, prices, credit card payments and more.

Protect your sensitive data

Wheels Franchise Management back-office can be configured for VPN only access, HTTPS or static IP's, just like any website. Users are restricted based on clearly identified roles, while the system maintains audit records for reservation data.