Accounting systems

Car Rental System

Wheels Car Rental can post transactions to your accounting software. While we already support a wealth of accounting systems, we can provide a customized export file format to meet your requirements.

Posting transactions

Posting your transactions to your accounting system can save your accounting team time and prevent errors. Your accounting team's role will shift from data entry to auditing posted transactions.

What is posted

You can choose to post between customer invoices, credit notes, payments, commissions, sundry expenses, supplier invoices and supplier payments. Entries posted to accounting will automatically be locked for your end users to prevent errors. Only station managers or other authorized by you users will be able to update entries posted to accounting.

Supported applications

We have already integrated with many systems including SAP, Navision, Navision with VMS Chameleon, QuickBooks, Oracle Financials, and a wealth of regional applications used in various Countries. We also provide a generic ASCII and generic XML file format which can be further customized to your needs.

Friendly interface

Your accountant can be easily acquainted with the accounting export interface and customize export options, perform audit or export data in Print, PDF, Microsoft Excel or other popular formats.