Customer reviews

No amount of marketing hype and hyperbole can mask a company’s ability to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The following is a brief list of comments sent to us from our end-users – car rental companies such as yourself who use our system.

Dear Sirs,
I am writing as I have been asked to write a reference on the Wheels Rental System.

Green Motion is a franchised rental operation which began life in 2007 here in the United Kingdom. Following a successful piloting of the business model, we then started to focus on International development.

The Green Motion brand is now present in 17 countries around the world and growing rapidly.

The pressures of International expansion started to really test our existing system at the time and as such we commenced an investigation looking for a more robust solution. This include looking at products form TSD, Thermeon, Prohire, Prorent and several other small ones.

During our search, we were recommended to look at a system known as Wheels.

Following a review of the system at the head office of Invensys in Greece, besides the incredibly user friendly interface it was clear that the Wheels system was at least 10 years ahead of any other system available on the market place. In addition, the support of Vassilis and George along with their team was genuinely out of this world.

Having the reassurance of a fantastic system supported by a strong and experienced team with a can-do mentality, we took the decision to adopt the Wheels system in each and every country of operation. The role out commenced in the latter part of 2014 with each installation being essentially flawless, I am pleased to report each and every franchisee have been very, very happy with new system.

Not only has the introduction of the system catapulted us many years ahead but they have managed to cope with multi currency, multi lingual and individual country taxation laws in their sleep.

I would be delighted to speak to anybody regarding the system and / or provide additional information if required.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Lowden - CEO Green Motion International

Europcar Serbia and Europcar Montenegro decided to move with Wheels after long experience in usage of other car rental software solutions.

We recognized Wheels car rental software as:

  • Technologically modern one, with full WEB solution soon to come which will enable full flexibility in operations in and out of stations
  • Sales orientated
  • Enables easy manipulation of car movements with on line fleet rental plan
  • Good utilization tracking
  • User friendly (document scanners are great opportunity)
  • Easy and good quality XML connectivity options
  • Very efficient rates loading
  • Establishing of all necessary interfaces

Highlight of all is professionalism and supreme Customer service we are getting from the Wheels team. Not only we have that impression, but the results are saying that there is nothing that can’t be done. We simply feel safe as Customers and that feeling is priceless. There are some projects to come, like Midterm rentals differentiation, Fleet cost planning and comparing with achieved, Reporting etc.

We are happy to walk in future together as partners and to achieve more and more improvements in our mutual works.

Kosana Arsic/ Europcar Serbia & Montenegro

Dear Sirs,

Europcar Turkey is the franchise of Europcar International in Turkey. We have 61 stations, more than 4000 vehicles on short term operation.

The improvement of technology, the market requirements, and the way of doing business forced us to look for a better system. We were using an In-house developed software. We were aware of all our requirements. And we already know what was missing.

Most important missing issues were:

  • XML link with Travel Agencies, Corporate Companies,
  • Customized printed Rental Agreement and Invoice,
  • Hourly based availability
  • Managing Rates & Agreements
  • Centralized Rate Management
  • Import & Export data to the system
  • Etc.

We could either develop an in-house software or look for a Complete ERP System. At first stage we eliminated the in-house development due to the fact that it would need a very serious time that and a serious IT investment.

We did not have this time and we did not have the possibility to hire enough number of qualified staff. So we decided to go with the option two.

Then we have to find the Software Suppliers for Rent A Car Business. We decided from 4 software companies. And our final decision was Wheels.

Why? We had a very long decision-making process. I personally knew Vassilis for many years and we already implemented XML booking before we started to look for a new software.

We cooperated to resolve our shortcoming in terms of XML. And we also met with George during this project development. It was a good experience for me and it was a bonus to make my decision for Invensys.

They were so helpful and team was so friendly during the implementation.

And after evaluating 4 different software, we decided that in terms of cost benefit analysis, our new ERP must be Wheels.

We visited Invensys office in Athens. It was great pleasure to meet the team there. Very kind of them. We had great time there.

We found the possibility to talk to the customers online about their experiences. We asked all our questions and when we were leaving Athens, we were more than satisfied with the software and we already signed the agreement.

Then the most difficult stage started and I never feel lonely within this project. We of course has the basic problems of Implementing a New ERP system, but I know that Invensys is there waiting for me to write them tickets to solve the problem.

The Wheels System was a ready from yesterday for most of our problems. The most important issues for us were the transfer invoices to Accounting and the currency.

In a very short time they’ve analyzed our requirements and implemented their new versions.

They know Rent a Car business very well. You do not buy only a software, at the same time you buy a free consultancy and know-how. They transferred all the experience gained from Rent A Car industry to their software.

I personally thank all the team and here I would like to pronounce each one individually.

Vassilis : Your problem is his problem.
George : Analyze your problem better than you can do.
John : He never gives up, even if you say it is ok.
Martha : Best teacher that I’ve met ever.
George : Always positive and exactly finds the reply to your operational needs.

And Vana and Maria always waiting to assist.

Of course there are the ones that I’ve not met yet.

Yes their software does more than they wrote on their brochure and you can read it there. My experience with them is very good and in my 29 years of experience I’ve worked a very rare with such people.

Kind Regards,

Ismail Vural Isel - Europcar Turkey

Hasso Iceland Car rental has been operating since 1996 and we partnered with NU Car Rentals in March 2015. We started to grow our fled very fast and with that growth we really needed to find a better system that fitted our needs and to be able to connect to our partner through XML.

We got a recommendations from Nu Car Rentals to look at a system called Wheels.

We decided to go with that one after looking at many other options and we are so happy we did.

The system has fulfilled all our needs and even more and there friendly professional team from wheels are always willing to help us out and willing to figure out with us if there is anything extra we need done.

With them everything is possible.

I have been in this business for many years and working with different systems and this system is designed for all of our needs. We highly recommend this system to everyone

Daney Hasso - Hasso Car Rental / NU Iceland

Wheels car rental system is a comprehensive car hire software that would cover most of the needs for the majority of the car rental companies. “Wheels” unique advantage thought is that, its adjustable and flexible. It can be re-shaped to cover and support the tools and the individual school of thinking that a company might have apart from the common procedures that all car hire companies follow. It smoothly integrates modern technology (passport readers, signature pads, remote checkouts and returns etc) decreasing operational time and cost. It supports a fair number of tools and reposts that facilitate and support both management and day-to-day users. It is XML connected to the majority of the important customers but it’s also XML connected to Greenway (Europcar) and Europcar NPS-Customer relations software.

The major characteristics of a successful software are five: Its functionality, expandability, frequent updates, support and cost. “Invensys” the owner company of “Wheels” has successfully invested in people and resources to secure all five parameters. Actually this is their main advantage as a company. That with a reasonable budget they offer a software that its functional and adapts day after day the changes and the new needs of the car hire market, but most importantly that on the other side of the telephone line there are skilled and pleasant people that are 24/7 ready to assist, advise and support their customer.

Savvas Spyrou - Europcar Cyprus

World Rent a Car has been using other software over the last 10 years, recently in July 2014 we was introduced to Invensys Wheels Rental system.

The software itself has user friendly interface, hassle free and fast processing, exactly what we have been looking for our business.

It can be tailored to your requirements and also the good thing about it that they do also a mobile app on IPhone which you can log in anywhere to view all company data.

Also has a lot of integrated programs such as e.g.: VAT calculator, payment history, that makes your life easy than other software’s, everything is in place. Also can be used to keep a track on your customer’s, fleet and booking with automatically updates of whatever entries.

They have a friendly professional team that will resolve any error or situation within minutes, and will explained or answer all your question that you will have.

Overall experiences with this software we rated 10/10 as it is a bespoke tailored made software vehicle rental system to customers’ requirements.

Highly recommended!

Emran Hussain - World Rent a Car UK

I am in car rental business for the last 25 years and I am using car hire software as from the 90's. Last 3 years I was introduced to Invensys and decided to change my software to the one they have. My experience says than NO software complies with the needs of a car hire company. We all have a different way to handle our fleet or generate our reports.

Wheels software has a huge difference from anything I have used so far. Apart of the fact that has everything a car hire company is looking for, I have managed to cover the "extra" needs by adding some features that we needed. Wheels can be a "tailor made" software to cover any needs for any company. I would highly recommend the software but over and above the "after sales support". Astonishing!

Marios Karapateas - Enterprise Car Rental Cyprus

We have been using Wheels only one year but with experience of over 10 years in this business and changing several software's I must say that this is one of the most complete and user friendly software. “Tailor made” options are plus, so even if you are demanding company you will find way to use Wheels.

Branislav Djurdic - National Car Rental Serbia
Invensys has helped us to adapt our new operating system and combine it with Enterprise USA - our business partner. We are currently using their IT system to manage our rental business. They have always presented a very professional and friendly approach to a number of queries and ideas by giving us a personalized and speedy service with only the best solutions. Thanks to these experiences, we feel secure about our IT system, because we can always rely on them!
Karolina Frankowska - Enterprise Car Rental Poland
Through these 10 years of collaboration, Invensys has taken multiple times the extra mile for the sake of our satisfaction.
Thanasis Karpos - Autounion Car Rental
We have worked with Invensys for over 10 years and they have provided us with a great consistent product, personalized service and were always there when we needed them. Wheels Car Rental has been an instrumental tool for our success in the car rental business.
Evita Giabourani - Budget Athens
We have been working with Invensys for more than a decade and has been a constant partner to our company’s success from its early stages to our present growth. In a business that there is a variety of systems available to choose from, Wheels Car Rental has major advantages that differentiate it from the rest: • The easy to use structure that requires minimum training for our employees. As we employ a lot of seasonal staff in holiday locations, its simplicity and user friendly template minimizes required training. • Its compatibility with our partners’ systems. As we are working with many Greek and international car rental brokers and TA’s, this was a major plus and surprise. • After sales support. • Reservation planning tools helped us to “gain” extra work days per car. • Advanced reporting – both in financial and operations data.
Maria Tsakatoura - Avance Car Rental
After working with about ten different car rental programs, through my career as a manager in different car rental companies. When it was time to open my own car rental, I knew what i needed.

We used to hear about the wheels program from the next door car rentals that had it and I remember how jealous we used to get. When I finally opened my first office I picked up the phone, a very friendly girl answered the phone and passed me to the owner Vassilis (yes he is always there to control his business) I was a bit curious about the pricing always thinking that for what the program can do it will be expensive.

Vassilis started speaking and i remember how well we knew our job.. "I said sorry Mr. Devletoglou are you also in the business i mean do you have your own rent a car?" He laughed and said "please call me Vassili and no I do not have a rent a car, but i can tell you that I spent many years just staying and absorbing exactly what they do in your business, and i will continue to do the same until this thing is perfect" I was ready to say but it is perfect.. But I squeezed my lips thinking he will raise the price.. We had a nice chat and got my offer I was very happy with the pricing so I agreed and spoke to support that fixes everything you need.

The program is my right hand at work I can control everything I was impressed with how Vassili and his team with all our feedback was improving Wheels every year. Just try it and you will see.

George Papadakis - Europcar Karpathos
"Impeccable professional and courteous staff, always strives to meet the needs of the customer. Personalized service. Your partner to operate, any car rental business"
Harris Haniotis - Arena Car Rental
Having co operated with Invensys for many years now I have say that they are always on hand to help with the tiniest problems/query which I may have. All the staff are extremely friendly and of course knowledgeable. The Wheels system is a joy to use, one of the most user friendly systems I have had the pleasure to use during my years in the car rental industry. Plus the team are always “open” for new ideas for continual updates/improvements for today’s demanding business. I would highly recommend them with “closed eyes” to anyone.
Joanna Barbas - Greenmotion Car Rental

Champion Car Rentals we have been using this software for nearly 2 years and find it very effective. It gives us access to the system from all 4 office locations so we can see, at a glance, the current situation of availability and reservations so that we can deal with customer enquiries quickly and effectively.

From the start the online training given by the team at Invensys was excellent. They will guide you through, step by step, the easy set up of the system. We had an old system running before and they managed to migrate all the information since 1998 to the new system in a few hours.

The fleet chart gives you a visual of which cars are rented out, in rental, free to rent or reserved for a forthcoming rental, ideal for busy offices.

The team at Invensys are very accommodating and will answer any question very promptly. If you need any slight changes to how the system behaves or looks then it can be modified to suit your individual requirements.

Invensys have made the reporting side of the software very intuitive and easy to navigate, we do a Cash Report at the end of each day and then a full financial report at the end of each month, this keeps the accountants happy and has cut our workload down to a minimum.

All in all we are very happy with the package offered by Invensys and feel it has made the company more efficient in dealing with the day to day running of the cars and has set us up for future expansion well within the capabilities of Wheels Car Rental.

Thank you Invensys.
Peter Scott - Champion Rentals