Hardware solutions

Whether you are looking to expedite the car check-out process, capture the customer's signature, or simply stand out from the croud, we got you covered.

Product images in this list are for illustrative purposes. Actual products may look different depending on the model.
For specific models, prices and availability contact us.
Signature pad for car hire

Biometric signature

An entire range of product that helps you capture the customer's signature in electronic format using one of our pads. In addition, and since you will have the pad on your desk, why not make it smarter and:

  • Display your company's logo / branding
  • Greet the customer with his name
  • Display promotions such as GPS (while being smart enough not to display when no GPS is available)
  • Request the customer's e-mail
  • For UK / supported countries, have the customer enter his insurance details
  • Print the digital signature on the rental agreement
  • Store the biometric signature in the system

Digital greeting boards

Is your office located outside the airport and you are meet & greet your customer? Save big $$$ on toners, papers and the amazon forest by investing on a digital welcome board.

  • Buy once use many times
  • Display your company's brand
  • Stand out from the croud with flashing animation
  • Other visitors will be impressed by what you are holding
  • No internet or other form of connectivity required
3M Identity Reader for Car Hire

Identity readers

Reads and authenticates multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately. Expedite the counter check-out process while eliminating errors and securing your business from fraud.

  • Read and process the document under 5 seconds
  • Support for over 2500+ document types
  • Share a reader across counters
  • Store a scanned image of the document in the system
  • Data capture the document to speed up the check-out process
  • Verify the validity of the document

MSR reader keyboards

We support a wide selection of MSR keyboards that can swipe the machine readable sections of passports, credit cards and other ICAO documents.

  • Read passports and other documents with MSR Zones
  • Read Credit Cards with magnetic zones
  • Capture data directly into the system

Note: Additional requirements such as a PCI Certificate may be required by your payment processor. If you plan on charging credit cards, please verify that all requirements have been met prior to purchase.
Passport reader Keyboard for car hire