Wheels Car Rental Software Technology

Usability is our number one aim when we design systems. Our developers actively participate in customer interviews and interact with our end users to learn about their daily routine, what takes them time and focus on delivering optimized procedures for accomplishing the same task at a fraction of the time.

Our user interface is intuitive and standardized, minimizing the time required to learn and master wheels car rental, even for novices with computers.

Our live update system automatically notifies you of a new version and installs it. Client workstations, even remote ones will automatically detect a newer version and update themselves, saving your IT team precious time and effort.

Our customer service is a blend of people with it background and experience in the travel industry. This way, when you call-in or mail your question you know we will try to make the best to respond in a friendly and timely fashion.

Our systems are based on Microsoft Sql server and are certified by Microsoft. Our dba's constantly review and improve our database schema, delivering stability and outstanding performance even when the fleet capacity is over 100000 cars.

Reports are designed in association with users from various teams and work cultures, offering a wide choice of ready to run journals an statistics including yield management and capacity tuning. All reports can be customized, and scheduled to be emailed to you when you need them.

Our open doors policy guarantees that your feedback and ideas will reach the right people and will be considered for a future update. After all we don't work in the car rental industry, you do. And you know what is best for your business.